Influencers’ Institute

The Influencers’ Institute is an organization aiming to empower influencers, decision and change makers.

The Institute aims to attract these change makers, invite them to a workshop and discussion forum to inform about and engage them with crucial, life-changing, globally important topics.

The Institute’s goal is to research and map-up these influencers, design a powerful, mutually beneficial workshop experience and eventually empower these influencers and through them encourage the change in their supporters/ followers.

By this we believe we can accelerate the change (environmental and social) we so desperately need in the World.

The Influencers Institutes first two focus topics for the first two years are the followings:

1. Climate change impacts. With special attention how is the animal agriculture connected to the issue.

2. The promotion of renewable energies and waste management technologies and their usage on a larger scale.

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