Your Escape Room Design Packages

READ BELOW, what our Packages include! 🙂


Our dedicated, creative team is here to help you start your very own highly successful escape room business!

We offer a 3 different packages, each including:

  • Game Description, Building and Operational ManualThis includes a detailed financial guide, design and game plan, help with the operation, marketing, advertisement and many more.
  • A design of a Professional “Video game” Off-line Computer platform:This platform will run on the so called “CI- Central Intelligence” unit computer within the Escape room itself, for the games and for communication with the Players. This platform is essential to create the “High-technology” image.
  • Installation and Operational Manual for the CI (the Off-line Computer platform)
  • Skype coaching
  • 3D visualization of the room if required (with no extra charge). 

With these packages you will learn how to build and run your very own  real-life Escape Room, wherever you are!

These packages is for people, who:
1. Already have and escape room business and need a brand-new game design for another room.
2. Want to start an Escape Room Business – you will find a step by step guide on all the aspects of starting such business AND the game design to build your own room.

If you choose the basic or medium package, you will receive the game design for ONE escape room (with 9 complex games) with a theme called: “SUPER AGENTS – TO SAVE THE WORLD”. It is a completely functional room, with a unique and original scenario, played by hundreds of people, and having a 100% positive feedback, please contact “FUNCENTER AALBORG” they run the very first PRIZM escape room, in Denmark.

Some pictures of the construction phase of our previously sold escape room designs:


We already sold the “Basic Package” game design to clients in Aalborg, Randers, and Ulfborg area (including Ulfborg, Lemwig, Struer, Holstebro, and Ringkøbning) in Denmark and we do not wish to sell it to these locations.

Our games are very catchy for people of all ages, focused and built around topics such as saving the world, special agents, missions, de-coding, saving lives, solving environmental problems and high technology (such as a Central Intelligence Computer Unit and Augmented Reality Game).

It takes you less than 1 month to prepare (order components for the games, buy building materials, organize the construction, etc.), around 4-6 weeks of construction time (with 2-3 full-time people) and a reasonably low investment (4000-6000 €), then you can start making a good steady profit!

Keep in mind that only the concept is for sale, and not the physical games or puzzles – you will receive a Guide book package: Two Manuals and a full editing excess to the Off-line computer platform.

You will receive:

  • Full financial insight (expected investment and profit plans)
  • Construction Manual of the Escape room and Control room
  • Building Manual for the clues/games in a digital format, in English, including instructions for placing these clues;
  • Skype assistance for installing and preparing the room, purchasing and any other questions you want to ask of our team via Skype (2 times 2 hours calls)
  • Guidance for resetting the games, operating the room and maintenance of the games
  • Promotion and marketing strategies
  • Purchase advice on the places from where to buy parts of the puzzles, the furniture, construction elements
  • Detailed instructions on building hand-made puzzles, with explanatory photos and 3D drawings
  • A professionally designed and fully programmed Computer platform for the Central Intelligence Unit
  • A user friendly Manual to install and operate the Computer Platform
  • We also included a Licence Contract: Which explains that the Buyer(s) has full ownership and responsibility over the built escape room. However, the design of the games (provided by PRIZM) remain PRIZM’s intellectual property. Meaning the games cannot be passed over or re-sold to a third party without PRIZM’s permission. And due to this license, there are no returns accepted.

Please feel free to ask for more details!

After you purchase our team will contact you and deliver the whole package: all the Manuals, excess details, pictures, etc. to you via email.