Social Power – Gamification

Entertainment is an important base for the PRIZM concept. However, there is another fundamental value in our company and the combination of these values that makes PRIZM so unique.

Our team truly believes in encouraging a sense of personal responsibility in escape room visitors towards the well-being of people, our planet, farm and wild animals, personal and global health to empower people to make conscious, compassionate choices, and to encourage critical thinking. And yes! It can be done in a fun way! 🙂

All of our games and themes are based on real world problems, and all games are “packaged” in a fun, entertaining and engaging way.  The ‘Special Agents’ or ‘Super Heroes’ or ‘Candidates’ face REAL WORLD related issues during their 60 minutes escape room experience.

All of our games has been tested and got an absolute 100% positive feedback both from our clients and their visitors!


The ‘games’ provide hands-on, challenging, mind-twisting experience with various global issues: Ocean/Plastic pollution, Various Environmental and Social issues, as well as Health, Sustainability and Ethical issues related to factory farming.

We believe that in today’s environment we must encourage critical thinking, even while we are having fun! 😉

We want to actively empower people to act upon global issues and challenges they face and become ‘Special Agents’ or ‘Super Heroes’ in their personal life as well.

People have shown to leave empowered to take conscious action towards a better world.


By using high-tech tools to make the engagement more real and entertaining for all ages, we confidently can call our facility a great Gamification tool to expand awareness.


Look at the “Teaser page” for some pictures of the games… 😉